Year 2012 in Review

This past year has been life changing and eye opening. We bought a house, after so much struggle with job loss and losing our home in Florida, we were able to move into a home of our own again. I was accepted into and graduated from a prestigious Business Bootcamp! That was mind blowing what I learned and how much I grew during that time. I earned a Success Club trip to Disney World. My husband and I went to Vegas for Coach Summit -- It was an experience that will forever be one of my top 10 favorites in my life. I met new friends, I met celebrities. It was amazing! My marriage has gotten stronger. My husband & I have really built an incredible relationship and it's all built on a foundation of trust, hard work, health and fitness. We are slowly learning how to become debt free. The financial freedom once we pay off our last bit of debt will be indescribable! I've done a lot of personal growth: I'm overcoming anxiety and learning how not to care what others think of me. I'm learning how to be a successful business woman. I'm learning how to be the best leader for my team and help others have a more fulfilling life of their own. 

It hasn't been all roses & balloons though. For 2 months we weren't sure how we'd buy groceries or keep the house heated. Work was slow. Money dried up and things got real tight. And it's still very hard financially for us right now. We had some ups & downs with our children and even moving into our new home had some trial & error moments. Our life is far from perfect! But we strive every day for progress and keep moving forward one step at a time. We've learned that nothing God puts in our path is meant to break us, it's meant to strengthen us and keep us pointed towards our goals. Many people give up in the face of adversity and say it's just too hard, it's impossible. That is the wrong attitude! We may get pushed around and tripped up by life, but we damn sure will fight to stand back up and keep pushing forward. That is the right attitude!

What many people don't realize is that we can change our attitudes about life. It takes some work, but it can be done. The more we accept other people and their faults and quirks, the less judgmental we become. The more we decide to share the goodness that's within us, the less selfish we become, and the less likely we are to hang on to material things. The more we learn about other's emotional or physical problems, the more understanding and compassionate we become. YOUR attitude is one of your gifts to the world, all day, every day. What kind of gift do you give? And is it a gift that remains strong, steady & true no matter what happens to you?

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