About Me


Thank you for taking a minute to stop by my blog and get to know me. I enjoy sharing a story or information I find helpful or even share photos of my life and family. It's a joy to share them with my readers or anyone who happens upon this blog. 

I write a lot about health, fitness and personal growth because that is my passion. I was a very unhealthy, unfit person and have worked very hard to lose weight, get strong and gain self-confidence. Because of how I was and how I am now, I find it to be my mission and my calling to teach others that there is a simple, healthy and fulfilling life just waiting for them if they would just believe in themselves and go after it. That's what what blogs and stories are about and I hope you find them helpful, insightful and useful. 

I really do love helping people. I love talking to people. I love learning about people. I love sharing with people. I love making new friends and growing with old friends. It would make my day to meet you too! 

I am a country girl and believe in hard work, hard play and simplicity. Some day I will live on a farm and be totally self-sufficient. Growing my own food and living off the land. That's how I roll, that's what I believe in.

Work hard, Play hard, Have Faith and Help Thy Neighbor. That is what I stand for. I'd be glad to have you stand with me. 

TheFitNutLife Coach