Would You Do This?

Would you be willing to live like no one else?

 We have made a big decision. This is something that's important to us and I felt it was something different to share with my Facebook "framily", y'all mean a lot to me and I love each of you, all for different reasons. So I feel it's ok to share this. It's nothing bad and nothing to feel bad about. We are happy with our decision :)

Ok let me explain. We may be crazy and going against the norm, but we've decided to have Christmas different this year. Every year so many people go into debt or spend money they don't have to buy stuff they don't need because they've lost sight of what the holiday is all about. Christmas comes with or without a tree or gifts. It's December 25th, every year, regardless if we have a tree up & gifts under it. Every year we bend over backwards and stress out trying to make sure we get our kids & everyone else the stuff (they don't need) to make them happy and in the process we end up not paying bills or scrimping on groceries or maxing out credit cards to have the money (we don't really have) to do it. NOT this year... We don't have the money! We've had some financial trouble, so things are worse than tight. BUT - We aren't stressing or worried our kids will be scarred for life because they didn't get to open any presents. They will be fine! We have already talked to them about this and they understand (having good kids is a blessing). We don't have a tree either... This year will be focused on what matters: family, having a warm, safe, dry home. Electricity, running water. Food on the table (we will have a nice Christmas dinner), love, community and being together. Those are our gifts.

In an effort to start a new lifestyle that will snowball us out of debt, this is our first step. We will live like no one else, so later we can live like no one else. 


  1. I love this!! This is the first year we have not used credit cards to buy Christmas. We only spent the money we had saved up for this and even cut back quite a bit from usual and I love the feeling. We are not stressing and enjoying just being together, baking etc. One day we both will be living like no one else. Love Ya!!

    1. Aww thanks so much Tamara! It's been so freeing to be stress free this year. Thanks for the support and yes, one day, we both will be living like no one else. Debt free, financially secure and very happy! :)