A Plea to Thee

There are days, almost every day, I feel like people try so hard to jump on any quick fix to lose weight; Atkins diet, the South Beach diet, the Mega Green Tea pill, HCG shot - Really, hormones to lose weight? What?, the Ally pill (I tried it), the shake weights (Yeah, I have one! Silly, right?!), the ANYTHING OTHER THAN WORKING OUT and EATING CLEAN PLAN!

Really...I realize people struggle because believe me I have been there. I am still there!! I struggle every day to stay on track and do what is healthiest for my body & my mind. But before you think of taking another quick fix pill or some silly fad you see on an infomercial for $19.95...please ASK me for help! I LOVE helping people do things they never thought they could do. It brings me joy to watch their lives change with every small step they take towards their health goals.

Beachbody's products are LEGIT. They are the REAL DEAL. Shakeology has CHANGED my life. It has given me more energy, the best nutrition I can put in my body, and I feel fantastic. It's also given me clear skin, regularity, stopped the heartburn and so much more! ChaLEAN Extreme, Power90, Rockin' Body, Insanity, P90X are AMAZING, legit programs! All you have to do is push play every day and do your absolute best and you'll get results!

They are NOT too expensive! Look at how much money is wasted with these 'quick fixes' and yet you keep trying them over and over and over again...and NOT getting healthy or results that last! Beachbody programs and Shakeology work and therefore SAVE you money! So instead of continuously spending money on fake ways to lose weight, why don't you invest it in something that really works and will make you HEALTHY?

My husband and I just finished our Power90 program over the weekend (10/6/12) and I'll share our result photos so you can see for yourself that it's REAL --

I lost 11 inches off my entire body! 

He lost his spare tire and now has abs!

Who is ready to start trusting me and start stepping outside their comfort zones to see changes? I do monthly challenge groups because they work! I am always looking for teammates! Message me here or comment on my blog and let's start a conversation. That is it. Let's talk. I have helped many people lose weight and feel good about themselves. WHY NOT YOU? Comment and say ME! NOW is your time!

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  1. Thank you for the post Amy! I started off with Power 90 and have kind of stumbled around Day 15. Mostly, because I don't feel as motivated and secondly, the only time I could set aside for workout was after mid night at 1 AM and that was really disturbing my office routine. I am still trying to nudge along albeit at my own pace and U R an inspiration!