What Will It Cost You?

The people I talk to on a daily basis use money as the reason why they won't take action against the very thing holding them back. They 'can't join my challenge groups. They 'can't' buy healthy food. Here are some common phrases I get: "I want to join your fitness challenge, but what does it cost?", "Yes, I want to change, but it depends on how much." and "I need to lose weight, but I just can't afford your program."

What they fail to understand is that money will be spent with or without positive action. People need to pay attention to how much they spend to STAY unhealthy and unfit. People WILL spend money to stay unhealthy. They do it every day! Processed foods in their grocery carts, trips through the drive through, sitting on their behinds watching late night tv with a bag of chips and a soda or a beer.

It's all about priority. I know this because I used to be just like them. Every excuse in the book, I made, so I wouldn't HAVE to face reality of what I was doing to myself.

Me: 220 pounds.

If the couch, tv, pizza, ice-cream and Snickers bar is their priority, that's where their money is going, instead of putting it towards positive change. If that is their priority, what is the cost for NOT taking that money and putting it towards clean eating and exercise?

I guess some people want to pay the ultimate cost, which is their life. It happens every day! Heart disease, Diabetes, Strokes, Cancers -- ALL cost, and cost BIG and ALL preventable.

So my question is: What are your priorities and what will your priorities cost you?

Consider taking a positive action and contact me TODAY! Let's talk. I want to help you. I want to show you how you can help yourself. YOU and ONLY you have the power to take action NOW. If you wait, it just might be too late. 

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