The Compound Effect

A few weeks ago a friend commented on a Facebook status I wrote, that said 'Where did Amy Leever go?' You see, in the last 3 years, I've done a lot of changing. The most changes have happened over the course of this last year. I've been doing a lot of Personal Growth and learning about myself.

I've been reading a lot. Books like "First Steps to Wealth" by Dani Johnson, 'Money Makeover' by Dave Ramsey, 'The Slight Edge' by Jeff Olson and most recently I started reading 'The Compound Effect' by Darren Hardy. These books have given me some really interesting insight to my life.

I know, I know -- these 'self-help books are a bunch of hogwash', 'these things are a scam. They only want your money', 'these so called 'experts' don't understand my situation', etc. I have had the same exact attitude once. But that's the point! The only way to change your life is to change your thinking. Step outside what you've been taught to believe in and try something new. Open your mind and grow up!

My daily choices have gotten me where I am today...If I gain some weight it's because of my daily choices, if I am tired and cranky, it's because of my daily choices. If I am out of money and can't pay my bills, it's because of my choices...see where I am going?

What I'm learning is this: I am the only one responsible for how things are in my life. I am responsible for how I act, how I feel and how I think. No one else is to blame. It's the same lesson I've been reading in 'The Compound Effect'...

"No Man's Land"...

This is described as the place where you aren't really unhappy, but you aren't really happy. It's the place where we numb ourselves to our dreams, wants and desires to fit into the time, energy and money we currently make or have.

Complacency is what it's called and something we should all fight against. Fear of being uncomfortable has gotten us a life full unmet dreams, expectations and never reaching our potential. Sometimes it happens so subtly we don't really notice until years later, but all the small, seeming insignificant decisions we made each day over the years have gotten us to the point where we are now.

Our choices, behaviors and habits will determine our future and are an accumulation of our life as we know it now. The good news is that we can always start making better choices, create better habits that create different behaviors and the beauty is, it does not have to be one big change...small steps will make a HUGE difference in the long-run.

The Compound Effect is always in motion, positive or negative - we are either Moving Forward or Sliding back.

(Thank you Darren Hardy! - The Compound Effect)

Isn't that eye-opening? When I read that, my heart skipped a beat and it really had me thinking about all the choices I've made throughout my life. And I started thinking wow...so all this time I thought it was the governments fault I've always been poor. It's the way life is, and I'll never expect anything different because I was born to a life of hardship and poverty. When all along it's been ME. My choices that got me where I am.

When I weighed in at 220 pounds, lost, broken, sick, in pain, depressed, miserable and ready to end it all permanently...it was all because of my BAD choices that put me there.

My bad choices with finances and not having a solid plan in place has left us in debt and always struggling to make ends meet. We are always living hand to mouth because we've made poor choices with our money. We've let money enslave us, rather than making our money work for us.

When I decided to take control and fix all that. My choice to change helped me lose 50 pounds, change my body, change my life and change my mind. It had nothing to do with the economy, the government or someone else's choices -- it was all on me!

The economy still sucks. The government still can't figure out what it's doing. But me...I'm happy, healthy and building a business. I'm prospering. I'm successful. I'm learning new things and making new friends. That's all on me too!

My choices, my behavior and habits have determined my future. The small, insignificant decisions I make each day are accumulating. And one day they will all snowball into the vision and dreams I have set for myself and for my family.

The more I learn, the better I can put the lessons towards getting out of debt and make a better life. I will live like no one else, so then later I can live like no one else. That's all a mixture of the Personal Growth I've been going through. So 'what happened to Amy Leever?' -- I've changed my way of thinking, so I can change the way I live. I've stopped blaming other people and circumstances and have taken responsibility, put it where it belongs; on me.

I am the ruler of my own destiny!

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