So Many Goals

This blog wasn't planned out so bare with me if it's seems to eb and flow without any real direction. It's off the top of my head and random.

How many goals do you have? Do you even have goals?

I ask because I have so many goals. So many things I want and need to do. So many ideas that keep springing in my head that I think - 'yeah, I wanna do that too!' - What are those goals? Here's a list and it's in no real order just tossed out by my typing fingers as they come to mind...

- Climb Mt. Scott
- Hike around Crater Lake
- Go Backpacking in the Cascades
- See Yellowstone
- Travel the world - Italy, Ireland, Greece, Australia, every tropical island there is on Earth, England, Scotland, the Scandinavian countries, Germany. Ok let's just make it a European tour! Africa, Central America, South America (I think you get the idea).
- Hike the Grand Canyon, oh and ride a Burro too!
- Restore an old farm and live happily in the country
- learn to paint, sew, can & freeze food.
- Ride a horse. Own a horse.
- Explore California
- Hike every waterfall in Oregon.
- Whitewater raft down the Rouge
- Explore the Oregon Coast
- Take an Alaskan tour
- See British Colombia
- go to college or at the very least take online college classes
- get my degree - Small business, marketing, photography, computer web-design & graphics
- start a walking club
- start a fit-club
- See and explore every National park in America
- get fitter, stronger, healthier (already working on that)
- Open The Fit-Nut nationwide
- Pose for a magazine (no not Playboy or any other smut ew geez!)
- Meet Oprah, Ellen, Kelly Ripa and all the Beachbody trainers
- Go see a play on Broadway
- Explore New York City - extensively
- Swim with dolphins
- learn to snorkel (I'm terrified of drowning!)
- own a vacation home in or around Tampa, Florida & a vacation condo in Hawaii (dream big!)
- help restore my home town of Martin, Michigan. It's my blood!
- write a book
- Shake hands with the President, any one of 'em (even Obama and I don't like him!)
- If it has to do with art or history - I want to see it, do it, learn it, touch it and explore it!
- Learn to dance; ya know Mamba, Salsa, Tango, 2-step ... I want to learn it all!
- See & photograph ever single Light House along each ocean and the Great Lakes of America
- Learn more about Astronomy. I love the stars, planets, sun and moon. Galaxies, universes... who knows what exactly is out there...I want to see it and learn about it.
- Go to Disney World
- Learn to Kick-box
- Learn to ice-skate (I hate winter and cold weather, so that will be a hard lesson to learn)
- Walk/Jog a 5k

Well that's all off the top of my head. I'm sure there's more in this world I want to see, do and learn but that'll have to be saved for another blog cuz I'm out of things to type now. I guess I better get started with these and start crossing stuff off the list huh? What are you going to do?


  1. And we will get to see and do many, if not all, those things on your list, Baby!

  2. I also have a bucket list of things I would like to do but right now the most important goal for me is to get healthy so I'll be around to do the other things on my list. :)


  3. Nice list! Now I have a few more things to add to mine. Thanks for reminding me to write them down.

  4. Those are some great ideas! Now you need to make them goals by putting a time frame to them and start checking them off your list - good luck!

  5. What a great list! Good luck in your journey to cross them all off! :)