The Beachbody Challenge Reviews

I had the awesome pleasure of working with 8 women who took the Beachbody Challenge. These are their reviews of their experience. I wanted to share them as they are incredible. My girls did an AWESOME job and I'm so proud of each of them. 

I lost 10 lbs and around 4 inches during my 30 day challenge.  The challenge was the perfect mix of an AWESOME workout (Insanity), Shakeology, and support…this combination is working like it never has before.  

I was so surprised by the success I had during the challenge; it started a turning point in my journey and it really changed how I see myself.  I have tried to lose weight before, but never the right ways and never for the right reason.  I truly have never believed in myself and I think that is why I’ve  always failed; with the help of my challenge group and my coach, I now believe in myself and I believe in the things that I am doing.

This challenge goes beyond the 30 days, this started a lifestyle change and now I am dedicated to paying it forward…one person at a time.  Give it 30 days, I promise, it will be worth it! If I can do it, you can do it!

I lost about 5 lbs and I lost 7 1/2 inches all over my body!  I loved having people I could check in with to see how they were doing and to discuss my frustrations and joys about my weight loss journey!  We did lots of different programs but we all had the same goals to eat better, get moving and be healthier!!  Having a Coach, like Amy, to guide us, make suggestions, and inspire us was the icing on the "shake"!  Shakeology of course:)  Execellent product would recommend to anyone and everyone.  If you are thinking about trying a challenge, JUST DO IT!!  You will thank yourself in the end! 

I lost just under 5 lbs during my challenge. Shakeology, exerice program and the accountability are definitely a winning combination. I have tried losing weight before but never with a set plan in place or the accountability and that made all the difference for me. I didn't just lose weight but I gained energy and feel so much better about myself. The confidence it gave me is amazing and having Amy as a coach couldn't have worked out better. She is a great motivator and great inspiration.  IF anyone is thinking about making a change GO FOR IT!! What is there to lose?

There are so many things that went right for me in the month challenge hosted by Amy Leever, but most of all it was the support that pushed me to lose the most weight I have ever lost in a single month; 15 lbs and nearly 12 inches! I am beyond thrilled with my results, a product of Turbo Jam and chocolate Shakeology being the winning combo for me. Turbo Jam is truly amazing! It's the funnest and most energizing work out I have ever tried. Do Turbo Jam in the morning and it pumps up the rest of your day. The Shakeology is great tasting and there are so many yummy recipes to try that the possibilities are truly endless! I would recommend Beach Body and the Beach Body products to anyone! Amy Leever was there during the entire process to give support and to answer questions and I could not be happier with her performance. She is amazing! This has been truly the life change that I needed and it never would have happened had I not met Amy. Thank you Amy and thank you Beach Body for making this one of the best months of my life and the beginning of a healthier future!

I have been on a weight loss journey for years and nothing has touched me as much as the collaboration that was pulled together with my Shakeology team in January.  The shakes didn't quite cut it for me at first but once I found my right concoction it was to die for!  The recipes became endless once I found something that was appealing to me. That is part of my weight loss problem. I don't like just anything...I have a taste for fat! The kind of fat that hangs on to my inner thighs and denies me the success I want! However, even after not having lost any weight due to my own madness....I stayed on with the support team and am now committed again. Amy Leever has made it possible for me to stay connected to my co-challengers even after the challenge and I feel empowered.  Amy has the ability to keep the team on track when negativity was starting to appear and didn't settle for any of us feeling sorry for ourselves but rather gave us tools to move past our funk and go forward! If you don't try it you will never know the truth!

During this challenge I lost 5.5lbs and 12.75in. Love the combination of workout/shakeology/accountability group. Having a group to vent, celebrate, encourage, and be encouraged by makes such a difference! I love having Amy as my coach and am thankful for this great group of new friends!

I lost 5 lbs on the program after one month. I have learned that even though I deal with chronic pain and disabilities, I can do this. My body can move, I can eat healthy, and I can be happy! I feel a little more confident in my abilities. I love the Shakeology products and want to continue with more Beachbody products. Amy, as a coach, you found a way to work and inspire a group of us. Thank you!

I lost 9.5 pounds and several inches off my waist during my challenge.  The TurboJam Workouts were so fun and energizing that I actually looked forward to doing them! Now that is a first!  The chocolate Shakeology was amazing and I am being serious when I tell you that I could definitely feel a difference in my energy levels when I went without the Shake-O for a few days.  Simply amazing.  I had such a wonderful experience with the workout, shako-o and the support group, it was like nothing I'd ever experienced before.  Thanks Amy !!

I'm simply amazed by their words and it has empowered me to keep inspiring, keep educating, keep helping others achieve their health & fitness goals and keep paying it forward. If you'd like to know more about the Beachbody Challenge or anything else about Beachbody , please contact me so we can talk.

Amy Leever:

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  1. Amy that is so great. The support, accountability and the willingness of each individual to step up to the plate and take their health to a new level is amazing. Beachbody is certainly the place to be. Good luck, Deborah