What are You Willing to Give Up?

WARNING: This article will contain blunt and brutal honesty.

I'm no stranger to living on a tight budget. My family and I have lived on one for 99.9% of our lives. Even before the economy tanked, we were always on a strict budget, always wondering how we'd pay for this bill or that bill, how we'd put gas in the car or food in our cupboards. Scraping by, pinching pennies, clipping coupons and sacrificing our wants for our needs and even sometimes our needs would be sacrificed as well. We are no strangers to going without.

Now during this time I started my weightloss journey. I lost over 50 pounds and I did it on a strict budget and I did it healthy. I exercised, I changed my eating habits and I really learned that you can afford to eat right and exercise when you are poor. No it's not easy! Nothing in life worth doing is easy. But if it's important to you, you find a way. Simple as that. You make a choice and you just do it.

One of the most irritating excuses I get from people is "I can't afford it" or "I don't have the money". Ok? I get that. But really ... is it that you CAN'T afford it or that you don't WANT to afford it? Let me explain what I mean.

What are you willing to give up? If it is a matter of CAN'T afford - what are you willing to give up so that you CAN afford it? Are you willing to give up the pricey coffee house drinks or the trips through the drive through at McDonald's or the take home from the local pizza joint? Are you willing to quit buying junk food and processed garbage that manufacturers are passing off as food from the grocery store? Are you willing to give up your weekly shopping trips to the mall or the manicure or the other "frivolous" stuff you shell out for?

It all boils down to this: What are you willing to give up and put that money towards your health?

In the case of WANT to afford it; Who WANTS to continue to be unhealthy, fat, unproductive and sick? Who WANTS to have heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes and joint pain? Who WANTS to pay for doctor visits, prescriptions, hospital stays and diabetic supplies? If you WANT all those things, then by all means continue to NOT WANT to afford a healthy lifestyle. There is nothing I can do for you and that's so sad!

I made a choice 2 years ago that nothing would prevent me from losing weight and getting healthy. I spent a better part of 18 years with excuses and the unwillingness to change because I didn't know how! But when I made the choice to figure it out, nothing and no one could stop me.

I gave up soda, alcohol, junk food, potato chips, fast food, creamer in my coffee, processed foods that hold little to zero nutrition and I took that money I saved from all that and put it towards ME and my health and that of my family.

IT CAN BE DONE! I was willing to give up what was killing me and making me fat, so that I could afford a new lifestyle.

As far as exercise goes... I don't have an expensive gym membership, I never would have one because I prefer to work out at home where it's free. I walk. Walking is free. I hike. Hiking is free. I did invest a little money to have a few dvd's I could put in my dvd player and press play. And I invested some money in acquiring a treadmill and some basic at home equipment; dumbbells, resistance bands, yoga ball, jump rope and a medicine ball. Those were my basic, relatively cheap start to exercise. Because money was limited I'd buy one thing every couple of weeks to add to my library of workout equipment or dvd's. It took a while but eventually I had all I needed. Nothing extravagant, nothing outrageously expensive. The treadmill I had came from a friend and we paid them $100 for it. Just a plain jane treadmill, but it did it's job.

I think you get my point, but maybe not, some people are just way to stubborn and ignorant to understand the point. It is what it is... and yeah, I said it! I warned you I'd be bluntly honest...

Anyway - I worked my way to the point where I am now. A Team Beachbody coach. Was it cheap? No! I actually borrowed my start up costs from a friend. Some say $40 is nothing to start your own business. Well it is when you don't have it, right?! Like I said, I understand all to well about the limitations with money. And yes, there's more to it then just the sign up cost. You have to be a "Product of the Product" and use their workouts and use their nutritional supplements, all that costs money to get you started. No, it's not easy and it's not cheap! But you know what? Since I became a coach, it has changed my life. I am so proud of my job and what I do. Can I afford the products? Honestly - some days I'm not sure. I ponder every day if I'll be able to on the budget we are on but my faith in what I do and the products that Beachbody offers, see me through. I 100% believe in what Beachbody offers and what they stand for and I am very proud to be a part of it, therefore I will do whatever I have to do to afford what I know will save my life and keep me healthy.

Shakeology is priceless in my opinion. For those who say they can't afford it...revert back to my original question: What are you willing to give up? I scrimp and save and do all I can to make sure I can afford my supply every month because it is that important to me. It is that healthy for me. Shakeology doesn't compare to any other "shake" on the market! It beats the competition 100%, hands down! I'm willing to give up anything extra if it means having the money to afford my Shakeology, that is my choice.

So tell me, what are you willing to give up? Would you give up all the bad habits, all the unhealthy food and drinks in order to save up the money to buy a 30 day supply of Shakeology and try it for yourself? I'm telling you, this product will change your life and change your health, but you have to be willing to make a choice and give something up.

What choice do you make?

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