Shakeology at GNC? Why You Won’t Find it There.

When most people hear about Shakeology, they immediately want to know if it is available at vitamin/supplement stores such as GNC or at superstores such as Amazon. You will not find it in retail stores such as GNC because Team Beachbody (the company which sells Shakeology) is the only place you can purchase it.

Purchasing from a Team Beachbody Coach

You can also purchase Shakeology and other Beachbody products from an independent Team Beachbody Coach, such as myself. Team Beachbody Coaches are independent distributors of all Beachbody products. Be weary of purchasing Beachbody products on sites like eBay or other shady online stores which are often selling ripoff copies of the products such as P90X or other workout programs.
Usually, these scam artists will sell the products much cheaper but they are often poor quality and do not come with Beachbody's 30-day guarantee. Always be sure you are purchasing from the official Team Beachbody online store or from an independent Team Beachbody Coach.

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