No More Portion Distortion: Breads, Grains, and Pasta

Knowing portion sizes is just as important as knowing how many portions to eat. The list below includes the number of portions that are recommended daily for most adults and children, and matches standard SINGLE portion sizes with an easy way to visualize its real size. 

Breads, Grains, and Pasta

A Single ServingIs About the Size Of...
1-ounce slice of whole wheat breadIndex card 
1/2 bagel Can of tuna 
1/2 cup of rice, cereal, or pasta Small Walkman 
1-ounce muffin Cupcake wrapper 
1 small roll Yo-yo 
4-inch pancake CD 
2-ounce piece of Italian bread Bar of soap 

Recommended Daily Servings: 
Kids ages 6-12: 6-9 servings
Teen girls: 6-9 servings
Teen boys: 9-11 servings
Adults: 6-11 servings

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