Time Management

I'm horrible at it! Doesn't seem to matter how hard I try to be organized, try new techniques or prepare...TIME is never enough. Dumb excuse for so many things, but it is what it is. I've gone too long between blogs and the excuse is poor time management.

Well anywho...I'm not gonna leave a long speech here (oh thank God, right!) just an update. Still plugging along with work, lifestyle, diet changes etc. Learning a few new things along the way. I've been in business boot camp for about 2 1/2 weeks now and that's been stressful. Talk about being PUSHED out of my comfort zone on many levels! But it's been an eye opener for me and I'm doing my best to get through it, learn from it and take away some success from it.

Pretty hard thing to accomplish when I'm face to face with anxiety every day. That's the biggest thing I'm learning though -- how to break free of my comfort zone. Face my fears and destroy them! It's slow, it's painful at times but I'm doing my best.

Onto other things... Family is good. Kids are gearing up for summer break. I'm ready for school to finish too. Tired of the morning squabbles and grumpiness of teenagers. Just one thing won't have to deal with, at least until about mid July when they'll all be on my last nerve with the 'I'm bored' or the fighting over the video games, then I'll be saying 'When's school start again?' lol that's just the way it goes.

Hubby's doing well. Has a few projects lined up over the summer. Either on our house or helping a friend with their house. He's a genuine 'handy man'. I love that and also annoyed by that fact. Isn't it always the way it is for a wife? Or am I the only one who is proud and annoyed at the same time with her spouse?

A huge trip coming up next month. A trip of a lifetime...well for me anyway. We're going to Las Vegas for a business trip. Beachbody Summit. I'm nervous and excited. My first time ever going to something so important as well as posh, swanky, chic...what's another word for extravagant? Luxurious? Fancy? lol It's going to be at the MGM Grand. Only in my dreams...and honestly, I don't think I've dreamed anything so awesome, did I imagine I'd be able to go to something like the Beachbody Summit.

Well, I guess that about sums it up. I just had to come and do an updated blog. For those who follow me or find this out there on the web by accident -- Thanks for reading. I appreciate it.


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