Time to Face the Truth

I posted this on my Facebook but I decided I needed to blog it too. I MUST reach as many people with this as I possibly can. Someone, somewhere will read this and it'll hit home. It'll turn that light bulb on and light their way to freedom, to change. It has to!

Honesty Time: Saw this post on another friend's status and had to share -- "You say you WANT it, but what are you WILLING to do to GET IT? If you say you want it bad enough, you won't allow some lame excuse to get in the way. You have to find a way to get it and don't settle for anything less. You deserve to feel your best, look your best and be your best, BUT that won't come when you harbor EXCUSES! What are you WILLING to do to change?" -- now adding a bit of my own words --

I've used every single excuse in the book from 'I can't afford it', 'I don't deserve it', 'my husband wouldn't agree to let me do that' ... ALL OF IT WAS HOGWASH! When I finally DECIDED it was time to change things -- guess what? All my excuses died! I found the money, I changed my thinking, I changed my whole entire life. You've all been a witness to it! You've watched me change, grow, learn and become a totally different person -- Well, no, that's not true -- I've become the person I was always meant to be but better; confident, successful, strong! Because I stopped making those lame excuses. I was WILLING to do whatever I had to do to get what I wanted. I didn't let the lack of money stop me, and many of you know we've been dirt poor without a pot to pee in! I still found a way to get what I wanted! I didn't let my negative mind stop me. I didn't let anyone tell me I couldn't - because I'm my own person and I make my own choices. I DECIDED it was time to CHANGE. For those of you who say you want to lose weight, you want to get healthy - What are you willing to do to make it happen? What are you willing to change to get what you want? This isn't rhetorical - I want answers below.

That was the post I put up on my Facebook. And yes, it's preachy. It's blunt. It's honest. It is a NEED of mine to tell as many people as I can that if they change the way they think about things - CHANGE will happen. Change is scary! It makes you do things you've never done before -- like learn something new, grow, try new experiences, find new ways of doing things.

I'm not saying it's easy - it's NOT easy! I've had to deal with some pretty hardcore, nasty issues and fight my way through some pretty horrible, traumatic events to get where I am now. I've shared much of my struggles in public on Facebook. Friends, family, old classmates ... they've all been witness to my depression, anxiety, weight gain, weightloss, family issues, losing everything we had and work our butts off to get it back. I haven't kept it a secret. I've had not only a body transformation with weightloss, but I've had a total LIFE transformation.

And it's all because I decided to change things. EVERYTHING in fact! We still struggle with money. Every week we wonder how we will stretch what little money we have to get everything we need and want. I don't make a ton of money being a Beachbody coach (yet) and my husband doesn't make a ton of money at his job either. BUT one thing is for sure: We ALWAYS get what we NEED and WANT in the end. We believe things will work out therefore they do. We MAKE things happen for us and for our family. Not EASY! But worth every drop of sweat and every second of time we put into making our life what we want it to be. 

I believe we will be rolling in dough soon. We will have all our dreams come true. It'll be hard work, there will be times it'll seem impossible, but I know in my heart - we will have the things we want and our needs will always be met. I know because I'm positive. I surround myself with positive thinking and in turn positive things happen. Good things happen.

I was meant to help people change their lives. Whether I get paid to do it or not, I'm here to guide people towards the things that will change them. Weightloss, getting fit, getting healthy, organizing their time and life. Whatever it is, I want to help them. Help YOU! But before I can help - there is one question you have to ask yourself: What are you WILLING to do to change? 

And that leads me to closing this -- You must be willing to change everything. You must have an open mind and decide it's time to let go of the excuses. Let go of the negative thoughts and feelings. Let go of the fear of change. Let go of the fear period and be ready to let good things happen. Be ready to learn and grow. Be ready to let positivity and faith in. 

Closing statement:

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