Do You Think Eating Clean is Expensive?

Eating healthy can be expensive if you are not catching sales or buying in bulk. Shopping at specialty stores is even more expensive because prices are typically much higher than a regular supermarket. Even if you do tend to spend a little more for your healthy food, isn't it worth it because it is for your health? I say yes! 

There are ways to save money on your clean eating foods as long as you avoid the pitfalls that can occur with switching to a healthy diet.

Clip Coupons: 
Time consuming maybe, but well worth it to save you money on the foods you eat all the time. Try to stay away from the processed foods in the isles, but you can find money saving coupons for healthier options. You just need to know where to look and what to look for.

Shop Your Cupboards:

Make a list of the supplies and ingredients you already have in your fridge, freezer and cupboards. Make a menu plan around those items and then buy only what you need fresh.

Buy Foods in Bulk:
Eating clean usually involves eating the same types of food on a regular basis. Lean meats, vegetables, fruit, whole grains and more are usually the types of foods that you will find yourself eating over and over. Since this may be the case for you, you can save more money buy shopping at bulk food stores like Costco.

Don't Buy Organic:
Unless you prefer organic foods, you don't necessarily have to purchase them. Foods which are labeled organic tend to cost a little more than their regular versions. If you're on a budget, cutting out organic foods may save you some cash.

Better yet; Grow your own organic foods! Healthy & Cheap.

Eat The Same Meals Regularly:
Most clean eating meals tend to be simple but you can keep it even simpler by rotating the same meals week after week. This can be boring for some but if you don't mind eating the same meals several times a week, then you can save money because you are not having to buy extra ingredients for more complex recipes.

Those are just a few tips to save money on your clean eating shopping list.


  1. Great post! Growing your own veggies is the best, plus you burn calories while working in the garden! :)

  2. Exactly, Candi! Gardening is awesome exercise and the rewards for your labor far exceed just the produce that comes off the plants. ;)

  3. Thank you. I have a hard time finding coupons worth using. If I had a spot in my yard growing my own would be great. Do you ever see coupons for fresh food? I don't lol. I need a coupon lesson

  4. Hi Dawn - they are rare, but they are there. Most of them are in store coupons. You'll have to watch the store circular or catch a meat sale. For veggies/fruits - go to the Farmer's Markets; Hentze, Thistledown and Lone Pine always have decent prices and it's locally grown. Friend them on Facebook so you can catch their sales. They post them once a week usually. This weekend, Lone Pines has a whole boat load of stuff on special. And Thistledown usually has awesome, pretty hanging flower baskets for Mother's Day. Also, you can grow many veggies & herbs in pots on a deck or patio. You don't need an actual 'garden' to grow your own food. Think outside the box & be creative. Google ways to grow a garden in small areas or w/no yard space. You'll get great ideas! Winco has the best prices on groceries or Walmart. I will not shop at Safeway, Albertson's or other unless they have something specific, on sale and w/a coupon. Too expensive otherwise. Those are just a few of my local tips ;)