Am I Really Getting Through?

Sunday's are my day to reflect, recharge and look ahead to the next week. While I'm doing my Sunday chores, watching NASCAR with my husband and Sunday football with the family, preparing our Sunday dinner. I'm thinking about the week past and preparing for the week ahead.

Today - 11/6/2011, I'm wondering to myself "Am I really getting through to people?". You see, it is my passion to help others with weightloss, fitness and a healthy lifestyle. Since I am on my own journey, I can relate and understand what they go through on a daily basis in search of weightloss or just to become healthy and fit. Making time for exercise, making the habit of eating clean and healthy...it's all a very hard journey to those who are learning to live it.

I am also a Beachbody coach. I own my own business. I thought what would be more perfect that to take my love of a healthy lifestyle and blend with my passion to help others who want the same thing; a healthy lifestyle. It's a hard business! Wanting the balance of making lasting, meaningful relationships with people focusing on getting them healthy and bringing in a paycheck is a hard thing to balance. So it stands to reason that I question my abilities to relate to people at times. I want so badly to make a difference, an impact on others. I want them to see their potential and their worth. I want them to see that making an investment in their health is important and if they don't now, their lives are in danger.

I write blogs and post recipes, information and advice. I don't know if it's enough! Do they see the posts, do they understand, do they care? How do I know that I am getting through to them and possibly saving a life?

On top of those doubts are the doubts about business. If I can't get through to people, how do I stay in business? I am running a business, I can't keep giving out advice for free and expect to afford to stay in business, but yet there are many that simply can't afford to pay. It's an excuse, but for many, it is a valid one. I understand all to well as my own family struggles with affording the simplest things such as groceries and paying the electric bill. So really, how do I get through these doubts? How do I logically steer people towards purchasing Beachbody products to gain business for myself and take into consideration the lack of funds available to many? This question runs through my mind on a daily basis.

Are Beachbody products worth the money? Heck yes! I fully, 100% believe in the products. They are world class, top quality fitness and nutritional products. THEY WORK! They are worth the investment it takes to purchase them and use them to better your life. I'm not saying this because I want to sell these products and make money. I'm saying it because it's true! I use them! I sacrifice a lot in my life to be able to afford the Shakeology and the workouts because I know they are worth every cent! And my family is worth it! They'll have me around a lot longer thanks to the complete nutrition of Shakeology and the complete fitness my body gets by using the workouts.

I want EVERYONE to experience the same from these products. If only they would take the risk, invest their money in their health and try these products. If they would just choose to put their money towards eating healthy and exercise, they'd see they really can afford what Beachbody has to offer. It's just many, if not most, of them refuse to think outside the box or try something different. In other words; the refuse to change!

And the question remains; Am I getting through to others? Are they taking me seriously? Do they care about my message or what I am trying to accomplish?

These are simply the thoughts and feelings I reflect upon on my Sundays. Hoping that my posts and blogs and the things I have planned for the week will reach just one person. Will sink in to at least one person and make them decide to take that leap of faith, try something different and let me help them experience a life changing event.

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  1. You are getting through. You have made such an impact on my life and many others. You are turning your flywheel (will message you about this)