3 Tips for Getting the Most Out of Shakeology

1. Start every day with Shakeology to help set you up for healthier eating and more energy all day long.

2. For the best-tasting shake, mix Shakeology in a blender with a handful of ice to get a smooth, creamy, frosty texture.

3. Mix it up by adding your favorite fruit, nut butter, or milk.

Fresh fruit = Yum!

Customers who've stuck with it can't believe how GREAT they feel. They're finally able to control their cravings, lose weight, and have more energy for their workouts and the rest of their day.

For less than the cost of your average iced coffee drink, you could be drinking the healthiest meal of your day and toasting to your health.

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Let's get shakin'!


  1. These are great tips for Shakeology! We love to mix it up around here. Strawberries and chocolate Shakeology=yummy!

  2. I love it with almond milk and freshly ground peanut butter!