Unique Position

I'm in a very unique position right now with life. I'm in a very good place, yet it's also a place that feels kinda lonely too. Not many people are in the same place I am, so it's difficult to find others to talk to with similar experiences and common ground. 

I am 39 years old, I have 3 children; one who will be 21 soon, who is off making a life of his own & I don't get to see often since he moved 4 hours away. Another is 18 and will graduate high school in June, already making plans to be off on his own by the end of this summer. And the youngest will be 14 soon, and will enter high school next fall. 

Yes, I had my children at a young age and am now getting a taste of 'empty nest syndrome' at a young age. I love it and hate it at the same time. I love that my kids are grown up, and I'm almost done being 'mom' all the time. I love that I'm in a place where having young kids around is a thing of the past. But I hate that I'm a minority in this situation. It's difficult not to have others to talk to who are in this same stage of life. If I do find others like me with adult children & teens, they are much older than I. Those who are more around my age, still have young kids or are just starting their family. They aren't in the position of having the freedom to do 'adult' things, because they have to find babysitters or take into account that they do have children at home who need them. 

So that is why I say I'm in a very unique place. I am a unique person with a ton of 'life' experience and I'm still a young woman. Forty may seem old to some, but I'm just getting started in life. I'm at a place where I can explore the world around me. I sacrificed that in my late teens & 20's because I had my children young (and other reasons). Now I've raised them, and am free to be ME! 

I'm unique in the life experiences I've lived through. From teen pregnancy to a failed marriage by the age of 19 to living with a drug addict & alcoholic to attempted suicide, depression and other very personal trauma. I've seen a lot, done a lot and made a lot of bad choices. I am who I am now because of where I've been in the past. 

I'm also unique in my hobbies & interests. I'm very eclectic! I've found it difficult to find others with the same interests and who are around my age. I don't get out of the house much, because I really don't have anywhere to go. I do not drive, somewhat by choice. I do not drink alcohol or smoke anymore. I do not do drugs or smoke pot, I really try not to judge anyone, but I don't want to hang around or be associated with people who do. That makes finding friends or like minded people, very difficult. 

I do not like rain, cold or snow. Anything outdoors has to wait for nice weather! But I love living in Oregon. It's natural beauty speaks to my soul. I crave heat, sunshine & the ocean, but do not want to live in a beach house. Vacation home yes, to live no! I am a country girl. Pure and simple! I want to start a small farm & be self-sufficient and sustainable. 

- Outdoors: hiking, camping, nature photography. Anywhere there is a body of water, the forest, the mountains. Bird watching, wild life, gardening & sunshine! 

- Earth Science, geology, geography, history, abstract art, astronomy, astrology. 

- NASCAR, College football, motocross, bull riding, the NBA, Indy car racing, 4x4 mudding, riding quads. 

- Country life, small town-country living. Simplicity rules!

- Healthy living: Eating clean, nutritious food, fitness & personal/spiritual development. 

- Home decor. Graphic design. 

- Vintage, Victorian, Country, Medieval are some of my favorite eras and design styles.

- Business: entrepreneur, building a 'fit-nut life' business, helping & teaching others to live a healthy, simple life & pay it forward.

- Travel. I want to see the world. I want to explore and adventure! 

- No political party, but I'm a very independent conservative with a few 'liberal' views. Hard to find people who think like I do: I believe in the Constitution, the Amendments & Bill of Rights the way America's forefathers wrote them! I believe in the 10 commandments of the bible, and I believe in the Golden Rule. 

- Not religious, but I have Christian beliefs/values & my faith is my guide. However, I don't relish being 'preached' at. 

That is just a small portion of who I am and what I'm 'into'. I'm very diverse and as I've said, eclectic. But I wanted to keep this story short.

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