Stay at Home Mom, Get's Paid to Get Healthy & Help Others

Ok, I know some people think it's distasteful to boast about money and income or whatnot, but I have to just throw this out there to the universe. I received my 1099 from Beachbody for taxes. I am very impressed with how much a 'Stay at Home Mom' can make in a year just by helping others get started on the right track towards health & fitness. I'm not saying it was enough to make any really large dreams come true (yet) but the extra money brought in from this little side job, this business that I'm building helped pay for school clothes, kids' sports, shoes, extra groceries, date nights, camping trips, weekend getaways and many other things we've gotten to do the past year that wouldn't have happened without my 'Stay at Home Mom' pay. I'm very confident that this year, 2013, I will have DOUBLED my income and many more 'extras' will be affordable for me and my family. So what I'm saying is: If you've been thinking about becoming a coach but you just haven't taken that leap yet, what's holding you back? There will NEVER be a "perfect time"... sometimes you just gotta GO FOR IT! What would you do with a little extra 'change' in your pocket?


  1. It's great that you can make money by helping others! End the trend of obesity!

  2. Way to go! It just takes dedication and passion, and you have both!