Age-Proof Your Health

Defy the years by eating well. Add health-boosting foods to your daily routine to outrun Father Time.
Your diet can affect how quickly you age. Pile on the processed foods and you increase free-radical activity, which damages cells and accelerates conditions related to aging. Eat lots of fruits and veggies and you lengthen the life of your cells, which means you live longer too!

You can't stop the march of time, and experts used to say you couldn't slow the effects of aging, either. But new research shows that you have more control over wrinkles, forgetfulness and frailty than originally thought. The secret lies in keeping you cells free of stress. To stave off the signs of aging, consider making simple lifestyle changes.

Take charge of your health. Keep moving. Gain flexibility, build muscle and improve balance to prevent memory loss, stay strong and prevent falls.

Research reveals that physical activity can be a boon to the body and brain. The risk of dementia is lower in older people who exercise three or more times per week. Weight-bearing exercises, like walking, also can boost your balance, making you less likely to fall.

Think you, feel young. Your attitude about life can affect whether you die prematurely or live to a ripe old age. Fill your days with laughter, gratitude, friends and forgiveness. Not only will you be around for years, you'll be happier, too!

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