S.A.D and Anxiety

Unbelievable as it sounds, the Coach has been out of commission the last week or so. I've lost a battle with depression and anxiety. I fought a good fight, but the battle got the best of me.

It all boils down to this: Some times no matter how strong a person is or how hard they fight, the black hole will suck them in. I am a prime example.

Working out and eating right doesn't always help. Personal and family issues have been difficult the last few weeks and they've wore me down. I simply couldn't fight them off any longer. No amount of "faking it" or positive thinking worked. I just couldn't keep fighting, I was tired and beat.

Does that mean I give up? NO! I will never give up. It only means that the battle may have been lost, but the war is far from over. I won't let it keep me down long. I will work through the muck and mire of depression and anxiety. I just need time to sort out my feelings and figure out how to stand back up.

That saying "fall down seven times, get back up eight" applies well in this case. I'm down but I am not out!

I may not seem like myself for a few days. Quiet and withdrawn. I may not participate in my usual groups and business affairs. Too confused and lost to think about that at the moment. I just need some time to adjust and reset my path. My journey is far from over...I'm taking a forced pit stop.


  1. Hunny you need time for YOU just like u tel me!! Take some time to go and enjoy yourself doing something YOU love and miss. It doesnt have to cost money but just want u to understand that even GOD took a day of rest!! Take care of YOU and things will come back together!! Praying for you and ur family!! GOD BLESS!!

    (notice how many times i said YOU?)

  2. I love you Amy! Take all the time you need for you. We understand and love you. I am praying for you!

  3. Sometimes it just takes getting those thoughts and feelings down in writing to deal with them and overcome! Best wishes and prayers coming your way!