I Often Wonder if...

Do people actually understand what I do as a coach? Do you understand?

Coaches aren't sales people, coaches aren't marketers, coaches aren't looking to make a quick buck. I wouldn't have become a coach if any of this were true because anyone who knows me knows that's not what I'm about. 

If Beachbody were a scam or one of those "get rich quick" schemes, I would have snubbed my nose at it and gone about my merry way. Instead...I learned about it. I educated myself and found out what a coach really does.

Do you want to know what a coach REALLY does?

Coaches genuinely care about helping others, they are working on themselves inside and out, everyday they see people as PEOPLE and they want to reach out to HELP them experience the positive changes that they have had. Coaches believe in their customers, believe in the products, believe in their team of coaches they build and so much more. I am so proud to say that I'm a Beachbody Coach and that my job is to support and guide people to achieve their goals for a healthier lifestyle. 

This job is hard work! It's fun, it's rewarding, but it is a job. It is work.

This company is in business to end the trend of obesity and I am so thankful I found such a real & genuine opportunity to do what I love and pay it forward daily! I get messages from my customers (many of them have become great friends) thanking me for helping them lose weight,  for motivating them, inspiring them & helping them change how they feel about themselves. It is the best feeling to know I've done that for them. 

Yes - my job is commissioned based and for every product I sell, I make some money. I earn a paycheck that helps feed my family and pays our bills. Important to me? - of course, but I'm not focused on making money. I truly want to help as many people as possible. I want to educate them on how living healthy can be affordable and most important, can save their lives! 

The company has launched something called The Beachbody Challenge and why it's so great is that it is bringing everyone back to what really matters. People helping people change their health and keeping them on track and believing in them! Just more proof of how this company truly CARES! 

Who wouldn't want to be a part of something so amazing? I hope there are more people out there who care about people in general, that they'd be willing to learn more and become a part of something so important. Would you?

Lend a hand. Help others. Achieve your own goals to health & fitness. Become financially independent while teaching others how to do the same. Become a Coach today!

Thanks for reading... 


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