The Low Down on Beverages

I think this is one area that is most overlook because these calories are so easily consumed. Also calorie counters forget to count these empty calories and wonder why they aren't losing weight. This blog is going to show you what beverages are a MUST and which ones you should AVOID.
Lets start off with what to AVOID:

Soda: So I just heard a quote on The Biggest Loser this week… “”The 1st time since the civil war life expectancy is predicted to drop & the main reason is OBESITY!” WOW right? Soda is what is responsible for this epidemic. All this beverage is is empty calories with ZERO… repeat ZERO nutritional value so this is one that you need to AVOID NOW!!
Diet Soda: I would suggest anyone who would like to have a far greater risk of developing one of many various diseases to drink this stuff. I read a book “Skinny Bitch” (amazing book by the way) and they like to call things like Diet Soda “Chemical Shit Storms” pardon the language but this is exactly what this beverage is! This is not even ok in moderation…again AVOID...AVOID it like the Plague!

Coffee House Drinks: Please don’t be rude or unfriend me for this or send me nasty emails after I tell you what YOU DO NOT WANT TO HEAR but these drinks that most people consume on a daily basis (mostly in the morning for an extra pick me up) are just, treats… Yep you heard me…these are Treats or a dessert with some caffeine and they WILL, I repeat WILL make you crash after drinking them. I admit I love my a.m coffee & I count it. I limit myself to ONE cup every morning, with sugar free chocolate Silk instead of creamer. Basically, for the latte, mocha lovers, this is a HUGE CHEAT if you are trying to lose weight, by cutting this out of your diet you will be saving your money but, you will also be saving calories.

Milk Shakes: If you are working out daily or five days a week whatever your schedule is WHY would you throw your hard work away on ice cream in a shake form? Stop it!…you work too hard to be drinking a milkshake so lets move on…
CockTails: Something I didn’t realize until reading more about nutrition was that Alcohol isn’t the bad part when having a cocktail, its usually what you mix with it that's bad, but also it's harder to lose weight when you are putting this stuff in your body every single weekend…why do you think they call it the Freshmen 15? Parents of college students are naive to think its from poor eating habits. It's from the ALCOHOL!
Sports drinks: I see people sipping sports drinks at the park, in their car, wherever and they aren’t in workout clothes. They don't even look like their about to play a sport!  …. why are you drinking a “sports” drink if you aren’t playing sports? Just drink a glass of water for Pete's sake! 
More not so Great Beverages:
Wine: There are studies that say that Wine is really good for you, it has some health benefits for the heart and may slow down the aging process…yes this is true BUT that doesn’t mean drink a bottle of it every night! Its still SUPER high in calories and remember Alcohol is toxic!
Beer: Like I said above with the wine studies there are studies that show Beer has some health benefits when brewed naturally but how many of you are drinking? Many drink or buy what's on sale or the cheapest: FAIL this is just empty calories!
Flavored Waters: Water is the BEST drink, why ruin it with chemicals and calories? I mean squeeze a fresh lemon in your water if you want flavor! Some flavored waters are okay, just read the labels first. Nothing artificial, no preservatives, no added crap. Otherwise just drink plain, clear water!
Juice: This is tricky but 100% pure fruit juice has good stuff in it. BUT all the fiber is striped from the fruit when made into juice so I suggest just eating a piece of fruit instead of drinking calories & sugar.
Tea or Coffee w/ Creamer: When adding things to coffee or tea it pretty much takes away any health benefit they may have. I'm guilty, because I like chocolate Silk in my coffee, but I count those calories. Do you?
Energy Drink: THIS IS HUGE I see so many people living on Energy Drinks. People get a BIG burst of energy when they drink it, but I wonder do they pay attention to the crash their body goes through afterwards? Probably not, but you have to pay attention to how things make you feel! Our bodies are so smart so listen to yours. And if you have more than one a day they are just like a soda. AVOID!
Smoothies: You have seen them at the mall or coffee shops and MOST of us think smoothie means fruit blended with some ice WRONG. There's a TON of sugar in a smoothie & tons of calories too. Do you count those calories?
Finally, what you SHOULD DRINK: Lets talk about all the good stuff.
WATER: Yep, WATER! Water is the best thing you can drink and you need to drink a lot of it! 70% of your body is made up of water and you should be replenishing your system often with pure water to help your body function properly. Remember drink at least 64oz a day.
Milk: It's a great source of calcium  & protein but you must drink 1% or skim for the lowest in calories and fat. READ THIS for more healthy facts on milk.

Shakeology: The most efficient 140 calories you can consume, its the healthiest meal of the day PERIOD, end of story! Stop thinking about it, stop making excuses and just DO IT! Check out my site Fit-Nut Mama's to find out more.  It's an average of $4 a serving for a customer & $3 a serving for a coach,  you can save over $180 a year AFTER your coaching fees, so why not become a coach to save money?… Just saying…. CLICK HERE to learn more.
Sports Drinks while working out: Ok, remember above we talked about these sports drinks getting consumed, during your fitness class or after an intense workout, sports drinks are okay to drink, just make sure you are counting those calories!
Tea & Coffee: …Good in moderation. There are health benefits when drinking these, just keep the sweeteners and creamers to a minimum, and count those calories!
Herbal Teas: Google it…learn more about all the health benefits that come from herbal teas…
Juiced Veggies: If you have a home juicer AWESOME they are a great investment. If you don't have one, I recommend you get one. When you make your own juice from fresh veggies they are low in calories, high in nutrients.
This is my take on the beverages out there and the reason I wanted to create this blog is because not too long ago I was drinking some of this stuff regularly and wasn’t on Shakeology at the time. I didn’t KNOW any better, I would have LOVED to have someone break it down for me and explain in simple terms why, whats good, whats bad, what should I run from, etc.

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