The Family Breakfast

Maybe your older children have over-scheduled evenings. Maybe you or your spouse work second shift. Or maybe your toddler is especially cranky at dinnertime. For some reason, you just can't make family dinner work in your house. The experts say that sitting down and eating dinner together strengthens families, but there's no reason you can't strengthen your bond during the morning instead. 

Rather than reflecting on the day that has passed, use the family breakfast hour to talk about the funny dreams you had last night, discuss what you'd like to accomplish today, or figure out how many mini-pancakes you can stack before they fall. The point is to make it fun! Slow down and enjoy what life's all about--family. 

Don't forget to make that family breakfast a healthy one. Whole-grain pancakes or waffles, fresh fruit smoothies, and veggie omelets will keep your whole family humming all day long. 

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