Mom...You Busy?

Can you run me to practice? Can you iron my shirt? Be at my game at 5. When’s dinner? I don’t have any clean clothes! We don’t have anything to eat in this house. Can I have some friends over?

Ok. So you’re pulled in every direction, overworked, not getting enough sleep but more than enough stress, and just weighed down by a never ending schedule? Even though we think we are taking care of and running around for everyone else, we’re really not a lot of help in this state. We’ve got to take care of us.

But wait, you’ve got your to-do list scheduled perfectly and you follow it to the T, so why still so chaotic? Just because we’ve organized our chaos, doesn’t make it any less chaotic. Sometimes we have to drop some things off the list.

No. Say it with me. No. We’ve got to say NO. If we just keep doing, and doing, and always saying yes to everything, no one is going to turn that down.

Delegate! Yes, the kids can help and so can the hubby. Share the wealth…of things to do!

Review the kids’ agendas. Are they involved in many different activities, which leaves you feeling guilty because you can’t make it to every one? Do they need to be in them all?

Being the best mom to your children isn’t being the overcommitted mom that does every single thing, runs around tirelessly and constantly sacrifices her own time and happiness. That only leaves us run down and unable to give our kids our love and affection, which is what they really desire.

So take a step back and reflect for a minute before you go flying into another jam packed day full steam ahead. Why are things so hectic, chaotic and out of hand. It’s often our own doing and scheduling. So let’s fix it. What if you don’t do this item or this thing? I mean really – what's the consequence?

Eliminate what you can. Delegate what you can. Don’t feel guilty – it is only going to make you better at what you can do, and less tired and stressed so you are that happy mom that you really want to be. Make time for you. Whether it’s heading to the spa to get a pedicure, some shopping, reading a book in the park, a hot, relaxing bath – whatever helps you unwind – schedule THAT into your schedule and don’t miss that appointment. You deserve it Mom.

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  1. Amen! We all need to learn to say no a lot more often. Otherwise we will never get it all done!